Collection: All Essential Oils

Essential oils as mother nature created them: no fillers, preservatives, or additions. Including Native Australian Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and Absolutes, all our oils are sourced ethically.

Extensive offer of high-quality essential oils

You can find several dozen of 100% pure essential oils in our offer. We provide you with essential oils as mother nature created them. They don't have fillers, preservatives, or additions. They are sourced ethically from their native regions. Our selection includes Native Australian Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and Absolutes. The former is based on plants found in Australia. They are available in bottles of 10, 30 and 100 ml. Essential Oil Blends combine precious essential oils within a 10 ml bottle. Each Essential Oil blend's name describes what ailments a given oil will help you with, e.g., sleep, focus or stress. Absolutes are iconic, the most popular oils with a capacity of 5 ml. In the offer, flowery and citrus scents are available, so you can choose one that suits your scent preferences. To help you identify the precise remedy you need, each of our oils has a detailed description of its characteristics, aroma, and place of origin.

Reach the harmony of body and soul thanks to the healing properties of essential oils

Essential oils have enormous power that you can draw from. The list of uses for essential oils is truly impressive. All essential oils have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Essential oils will help you to improve your physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils have been used in natural medicine for thousands of years and have proven to have healing properties. Each oil is different and is used for different purposes. Some have a relaxing effect; some have an analgesic effect, some support sleep, add energy and many more. All you have to do is delve into your body and mind to identify your needs and what essential oils can help you. Use the power of nature to achieve harmony of mind and body. 100% pure natural essential oils will positively affect your mental and physical health. Take care of yourself and give yourself a gift by choosing the right essential oil. It is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.