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  • "The best oils I've ever used"

    These oils are the some of the best oils I've ever used. In my healing practice, I have helped people with pain, illness, grief, and more. Thank you Australian Oils of Nature for a top-quality oil. Blessings


    Katrina Shailer

  • "Very Relaxing"

    My husband bought me some essential oils my birthday along with diffuser. Received the Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage in which was mix with coconut oil for a massage. Very Relaxing. Can’t wait for the diffuser to arrive to use the bliss oil blend.


    Melissa Goddard

  • "Even my teenage children use it!"

    Your clove essential oil is great for a sore throat. We added 1 drop to lukewarm water and gargle. Even my teenage children use it!



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Our drive and purpose

With 15 years in business, Australian Oils of Nature has a wealth of knowledge regarding growing and obtaining the finest and purest oils in Australia. We think that nature holds power. Because of this, our oils are completely pure. They don't have fillers, preservatives, or additions. Our goal is to give you the highest-quality oils from their native sources in Australia and other countries. Therefore we are always learning new things. We want you to be convinced of the efficacy of essential oils in the same way that we are.

We are passionate about natural health and holistic treatments, which is how Australian Oils of Nature came to be. Each bottle of our oils is designed to provide you with health and happiness. We work with regional farms and plantations worldwide to get our oils ethically from their native regions. All to give you pure oils built on the principles of holistic health.

Learn how powerful essential oils are

Natural essential oils can be found in plants' seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers. Plants acquire their distinct aroma through essential oils, which have a potent perfume. Although essential oils have a lovely scent, their greatest strength lies in their extensive therapeutic properties, which can improve your health and appearance. To obtain body and soul harmony, you choose the oil based on what is lacking in your life.

Each oil is unique and has unique qualities. Your mental and physical health can be restored by using essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety, promote serenity, sleep, and relaxation, or minimise tension and lessen the body's reaction to stress. The most well-liked ingredients for their beautifying properties include astringent, emollient, soothing, and tonic. Each of our oils has a detailed description of its characteristics, aroma, and place of origin.

Check out our selection of essential oils and take advantage of what nature offers

Discover our extensive offering made just for you and your family. We have provided a substantial and varied selection of oils thanks to our dedication to the finest quality and concern for your welfare. Australian indigenous essential oil mixes and absolutes are some essential oils we provide. There are flowery and citrus scents available. To help you identify the precise remedy you need, we have carefully defined each of our oils' qualities. You can also find raw components here in addition to oils. Butter and waxes like shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, and coconut oil are among them.

Additionally, we sell herbal waters and carrier oils. The skin benefits from all raw elements, becoming supple, bright, and smooth. Diffusers and atomisers are also included in our selection.