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Honeysuckle Absolute Oil

Honeysuckle Absolute Oil

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Honeysuckle (creating Honeysuckle Absolute Oil) use dates back to the ancient Chinese, who used the bud of the flower in traditional medicine for snake bites. Other countries around the world recognised the medicinal properties of the flowers and leaves of the Honeysuckle plant as well, including to cure skin diseases and upper respiratory infections. Honeysuckle is even recognised in Greek mythology, as the lovers Daphnis and Chloe could only see each other while the Honeysuckles bloomed. Children love to remove the Honeysuckle flower from its vine and suck on the long tubes that taste like honey.

The Honeysuckle is a large shrub with fragrant white and purple flowers that blooms throughout late spring and early summer in North America, the United Kingdom, and Western Asia. The process of extracting an absolute is different from a regular essential oil. Some flowers are too delicate to be placed through steam distillation because the intense heat will destroy the petals. The honeysuckle is one such flower, so it is extracted in an “absolute” form through a process of solvent extraction that uses petroleum ether from the flowers instead of heat or water in order to capture more of the flower’s true aroma to produce Honeysuckle Absolute Oil.

Due to this alternative method of extraction, Honeysuckle Absolute is more concentrated and thicker in consistency than standard essential oils. It appears on a spectrum from orange to green to brown and boasts a very distinctive sweet floral aroma. In addition to its role as a soap and perfume fragrance, Honeysuckle Absolute oil offers great value in its physical and emotional therapeutic properties as a relaxant, astringent, sedative, and anti-inflammatory.

Emotionally, Honeysuckle Absolute oil is used in aromatherapy to promote positivity and relaxation. Its physical benefits, meanwhile, are extensive. Honeysuckle can improve circulation, soothe inflammation throughout the skin and body, and even relax asthma attacks. It is also known to work against skin rashes and infections.

The warm aroma of Honeysuckle Absolute oil blends nicely with Gardenia, Geranium, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, and a variety of citrus oils including Lemon, Lime, and Tangerine.
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