With the holidays now come and gone, you may feel like you need to sleep for three days to recover from all of the excitement. But what about a regular Tuesday, when getting out of bed feels more like a Herculean task? Or those meetings at work you can’t seem to make it through without dozing off? If facing each day with a surplus energy seems like a foreign concept to you, then it’s time to find a natural way to fight fatigue. Coffee may be the world’s favorite stimulant, but essential oils offer a much healthier and effective way to truly regain your energy.


How Can Essential Oils Fight Exhaustion?

Unlike coffee, which only provides a temporary spurt of energy, essential oils actually address the underlying health problems causing fatigue in order to provide more consistent results. The phytochemicals found in essential oils, such as antioxidants, beta-carotene, and resveratrol, play a major role in human health. Since essential oil particles evaporate quickly, they are easily vaporized, inhaled, and absorbed into the bloodstream for instant impact.

The best part about using essential oils is the potential for creativity. It’s not like taking a medicine when swallowing a horse pill is your only option. You can diffuse the oils, dab them on your skin, add them into a hot shower, or even make your own body care products that are sure to invigorate. If you want to benefit from aromatherapy but are on-the-go or don’t have a diffuser, simply mix your oils with water in a spray bottle. Such a better alternative to store-bought air fresheners, and with the added bonus of boosting your energy!

Which Oils Boost Energy?

Spicy and citrus scents are best known for their abilities to combat exhaustion and fatigue since they all contain similar phytochemicals that stimulate the nerves and emotions. On the other hand, many floral scents serve as sleep aids, and there’s no denying that quality sleep is an integral component to sustained energy throughout the day.

Rosemary: This highly stimulating oil clears the head and boosts the brain, so this isn’t one to take around bed time! Start your day by diffusing rosemary in your home, car, or work place to enhance your energy levels.

Lemon, Orange, Lime, Bergamot: These citrus oils help to increase concentration and alertness so that you can battle the mental fog that often comes with exhaustion. Even just a dab of diluted oil on your wrists or temples is enough to enliven your senses and help you face the day with renewed spirits.

Peppermint: This mint, along with spearmint, is a remarkable stimulant thanks to its strong and refreshing scent. After a quick whiff of peppermint you’ll find yourself able to focus and concentrate far more effectively.

Lavender: Lavender is wildly popular and very well known for its role as a natural sleep aid. Chances are, your fatigue is interwoven with your sleep patterns. Spray some lavender on your pillow, diffuse it at night, or take a relaxing soaking bath with drops of lavender before bed to help your mind relax, de-stress, and enter a deep and rejuvenating sleep!

Try these blends to battle your exhaustion and finally enjoy your day without a cloud of fatigue following you around.

Exhaustion Blend #1:

15 drops Eucalyptus

10 drops Rosemary

5 drops Grapefruit

Blend and use topically, add to a diffuser, or include in your favorite DIY recipe.

Exhaustion Blend #2:

15 drops Basil

15 drops Lemon

This recipe targets mental fatigue- when your body might still be restless but your mind can’t seem to keep trotting along. Use aromatherapy for instant results!