Those last five pounds. Everybody has them. The final few bits of weight that just don’t seem to want to drop off, regardless of how hard you try. Rather than turning to a questionable diet supplement or expensive protein shake program, have you ever considered using essential oils to lose weight?

You may only associate essential oils with their ability to relieve stress and tension, but it turns out that many essential oil properties lend themselves perfectly to weight loss. It’s important to note that essential oils don’t achieve weight loss overnight, nor do they work magically without any exercise or healthy eating. But they will perfectly complement a healthy lifestyle in order to support weight loss, accelerate progress, and keep you motivated to do your best. When you’re trying to reach a weight loss goal, every bit of help counts!

Essential Oils, the Brain, and the Body
It’s easy to overlook essential oils as a weight loss tool since they work predominantly by stimulating certain parts of the brain. Most people assume that unless a product directly targets fat and burns calories, it won’t contribute to overall weight loss. But that’s far from the truth!

The human nose and brain are partners in crime; the nose can detect one trillion different odors, all of which produce almost immediate reactions in the brain’s emotional and memory center. This means that as soon as an essential oil is inhaled, the molecules cause the nose to communicate with the different brain receptors that in turn control motivation, stress, heart rate, blood pressure, pleasure, and more.

In other words, while essential oils can’t replace 45 minutes of cardio exercise or weight lifting, they can support the body on a psychophysiological basis by helping to overcome emotional eating, lack of motivation, low energy, depression, and fatigue. The medical benefits of essential oils also apply here since certain oils can boost metabolism, support digestion, and relieve pain, thus improving exercise efficiency and reducing the body’s ability to store extra weight.

The Top Essential Oils for Weight Loss
If you complete a Google search for weight loss with essential oils, you will be bombarded with various recommendations ranging from Fennel and Jasmine to Cypress and Sandalwood. There’s no denying that an abundance of essential oils can help the brain and body obtain more positivity that will support exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss, but there are certain oils that have proven themselves to be tailor-made for weight loss purposes.

First, Grapefruit essential oil. The enzyme nootkatone found in Grapefruit works efficiently to control the body’s metabolic rate and natural energy levels, so inhaling Grapefruit oil is a simple way to burn more calories with a more efficient metabolism and stronger energy levels. It’s even believed that Grapefruit’s primary component, limonene, stimulates the body’s ability to break down and dissolve body fat. This essential oil can also be applied topically for the same purpose, but it’s important to note that Grapefruit often interferes with medications, so talk to your doctor before using!

The second powerful essential oil for weight loss is Cinnamon oil, but not for the reason that you would expect. Cinnamon is actually a favorite for diabetics because it helps to balance blood sugar, something that is also very valuable if you are on a journey to weight loss. Low blood sugar causes overeating, weight gain, and low energy because the body thinks it should be storing fat instead of burning it. Diffusing Cinnamon essential oil will help your brain tell your body to keep blood sugar levels balanced, thus helping you avoid any weight loss pitfalls.

How to Use Oils for Weight Loss
One of the easiest ways to benefit from these essential oils is to diffuse them in your home, car, and/or workspace. A diffuser is an affordable and handy tool to have that will last you years, and emitting oils into the air with a diffuser will also purify the air you breathe and help the space smell fresh!

Other than diffusing, you can also apply oils topically after diluting them with a carrier oil like coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Just keep in mind that citrus oils such as Grapefruit can cause the skin to be very sensitive to the sun.

If you need a few ideas, try these simple essential oil recipes to jumpstart your weight loss plans.

Melt Fat Away by combining five drops each of Lemon, Grapefruit, and Cypress oils. Either diffuse into the air or mix with a quarter cup of almond old and massage onto the targeted areas of the body.

Feel Fuller Longer by blending 10 drops Mandarin, 5 drops Lemon, and 3 drops each of Ginger and Peppermint into your diffuser. Breathe in this incredible blend so that your appetite doesn’t get the best of you.

Rejuvenate Your Body and soothe sore muscles by blending a few drops of Sandalwood, Orange, and Lavender into a hot bath.