When you think of your beauty routine, “oil” might seem like a curse word. After all, you regularly use face cleanser, moisturizer, and special makeup all formulated to prevent oil from gathering on your skin. So why on earth would you go out of your way to put oils directly on your face and body?

As it turns out, the right oils can completely rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking clear, smooth, and dewy. Tea Tree and Lavender are two of the best essential oils out there if you’re seeking healthier skin, but the following three lesser known oils are also incredibly powerful and definitely worth adding into your daily regime!

Pomegranate Seed Oil

The seeds of the pomegranate fruit are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that make pomegranate seeds very valuable for reducing joint pain, fighting cancer, improving heart health, and more. As it turns out, the same principles that make pomegranate seeds so healthy for the body also make pomegranate oil a potent skin rejuvenator.

According to a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, the oil pressed from pomegranate seeds effectively stimulates the major cells found in the epidermis, known as keratinocytes. When that outer layer of skin is stimulated, the skin cells regenerate and heal, which wipes away signs of damaged skin and replaces them with healthy, radiant skin.

As if it wasn’t enough to know that pomegranate seed oil can reduce and reverse sun damage, discoloration, and wrinkles, the oil also protects against inflammation, future damage, and dehydration. You may not realize how many things, like the sun, food additives, and pollution, can inflame, dull, and dehydrate your skin on a daily basis, but you’re sure to notice the difference once you start applying pomegranate oil on a daily basis!

Argan Oil

If you’re not familiar with Argan oil, now is the time to learn. This rare oil is truly a precious commodity, especially among the women of Morocco who have used it in their beauty rituals since ancient times. In fact, slow-growing Argan trees are so prized that in 1998 UNESCO declared the Argan Forest a Biosphere Reserve. So what exactly does Argan oil do to have earned such a reputation?

It’s known for absorbing quickly into the skin without leaving an unpleasant oily residue, and only a single drop- maybe two in the dry winter months- is needed to completely nourish your face and neck. As it moisturizes, Argan oil will also minimize and eliminate acne by reducing the sebum levels in your skin. Try blending Tea Tree oil into your Argan oil for a tailor-made match of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal powers.

Argan oil is also packed with vitamins A and E, which can help to prevent stretch marks and reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes. It’s amazing what just a few drops of this oil will do for your skin!

Carrot Seed Oil

Despite this oil’s name, you cannot relate it to the carrots you find in the grocery market. Carrot Seed oil is obtained from the wild carrot plant and has a very distinct woody, earthy, and root-like aroma. It’s an incredibly underappreciated oil that can do everything from treat ulcers and stimulate breast milk production to, you guessed it, rejuvenate the skin!

Carrot Seed oil is very high in antioxidants, making the oil very valuable in any anti-aging formula. The antioxidants help to repair and protect the skin from sun damage, pollution, and other environmental toxins that wreak havoc on a daily basis. It’s actually a great addition to your daily sunscreen because Carrot Seed oil protects the skin and body from free radicals produced by UV radiation.

In addition, Carrot Seed oil’s moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C work as a team to heal and regenerate damaged skin cells. Whether your skin is dull and needs a reboot, or you’re struggling with psoriasis or eczema, Carrot Seed oil can make all the difference.