Whether for a birthday, special holiday, or major life event, planning and executing a great gift can be stressful, tricky, and downright frustrating. Rather than searching your brain and emptying your wallet, try using essential oil baskets as a very neat and affordable alternative. These essential oil baskets are a blend of practical, luxurious, and thoughtful, and they’re so easy to customize that you can find a theme for anyone in your life. Check out the ideas below to help morph gift giving into a genuinely enjoyable experience!

Gift Basket Themes

This list could on, and on…and on. Think: get well visit, housewarming, new baby celebration, winter comfort, relaxation, fitness, kitchen foodie, momma pampering, and everything in between! Essential oils are so versatile that there are DIY projects to fit just about anything. The trick is to determine what the gift receiver would most appreciate. Do they love to pamper themselves, or would they prefer more practical items like house cleaner or diaper cream?

Blend this with the occasion. If you’re making a basket for a new mother, she will most likely appreciate anything to numb her physical pain, help her and her baby sleep, and take care of her hair and skin when she just doesn’t have time for anything else. Cleanliness is also going to be a huge priority for her as she works to keeps her little one safe! You’ll aim to build your basket based on those concepts.

Gift Basket DIY Projects

Now that you’ve determined you recipient and your basket theme, it’s time to decide exactly what goodies will fill that basket. From pillow spray and lip balm to deodorant and natural play dough, there are practically no limits to the ideas you can use.

The internet will be your best friend here to research recipes and blends. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Sleepy time foot massage oil sounds pretty incredible. So does teething oil! Choose a few projects to form the focal points of your basket.

Find “Fillers”

Your basket will look rather empty if you don’t fill the gaps with useful but affordable “fillers” that will complement the theme and help the basket appear more substantial. They don’t necessarily have to include essential oils, but they should help the basket make more sense. A sleeping mask, diffuser, rubber duck, silk pillow case, soap dispenser, dish clothes, baby clothes, and antique mugs or wine stems make attractive fillers for a small cost!


This is where your tendency for attention-to-details becomes so useful. Fill in any remaining gaps with decorative paper, or even whole pecans or pine needles. Choose your theme-related ornaments, wrapping, cards, bows, or anything else you want to add. Consider even sprinkling the contents of the basket with dried flowers for a natural look.

Once you’ve placed the final touch on your gift basket, it’s time to make the recipient very happy. People love receiving a gift that has clearly been prepared specifically for their needs. You can save yourself a great deal of money while also enjoying making someone you love so thrilled and appreciative.