You love Lavender essential oil. You love Tea Tree essential oil. So this news is going to blow your mind. Are you sitting down? There’s a new essential oil called Rosalina Essential Oil, its gaining popularity in the world of aromatherapy, and it’s become better known as, you guessed it, Lavender Tea Tree essential oil. The news that one single essential oil can blend the traits of two of the world’s most loved oils is nothing short of epic.

With a soft, floral aroma and powerful antiseptic power, Rosalina is the perfect middle ground oil for those who crave a friendlier version of Tea Tree oil with the tendencies of versatile Lavender oil. It doesn’t get better than this, so read on to find out exactly how you can utilize Rosalina in your daily life to improve your health and wellbeing.


Enjoy the Linalool

Linalool may be a curious word, but it holds great meaning in aromatherapy circles. Linalool is a monoterpene alcohol that creates systemic relaxation, and it is found in high quantities in Lavender, Basil, and yes, Rosalina. This makes Rosalina the perfect choice for those suffering from insomnia and anxiety, as the oil can contain up to 62% linalool. Blended and diffused with other relaxing oils like Lavender and Chamomile, Rosalina is the perfect solution.


Use on Children

Unlike many essential oils that are harsh and not recommended for children (we’re talking about you, Eucalyptus), Rosalina offers its benefits in a gentle enough chemical arrangement to use with children topically and diffused or inhaled. This is a major victory for parents eager to treat their children naturally but nervous about the potential side effects of stronger, less forgiving oils.

Rather than a store bought antiseptic, parents can use Rosalina on the skin to clean and treat wounds, cuts, and burns. Rosalina can also be diffused to alleviate respiratory infections because its expectorant qualities help clear away chest colds and head congestion. If diffusing isn’t an option, try blending a few drops of Rosalina with a carrier oil and massaging into the upper chest.


Soothe the Skin

Like many essential oils, Rosalina puts up a strong fight against acne and uncomfortable skin conditions. This makes sense, considering that Lavender and Tea Tree are both powerful skin protectants in different forms. Rosalina is very gentle on the skin but can still fight infections and inflammation while providing soothing action. Acne, herpes, boils, and tinea have all been successfully treated using Rosalina oil.

Since Rosalina is so new to the scene, it doesn’t have as strong of a following as other oils, but it’s definitely just as powerful. As time goes on, more research will be done to demonstrate exactly how valuable Rosalina is in the essential oil realm, but you don’t need to wait to find out!