Winter Smiles Pack

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Winter Smiles Pack

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    The Winter months can be rather cruel to some of us; with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) visiting more than 1 in 10 of us, Depression and through to Isolation visiting one of us or our Loved ones at least once during a lifetime.
    Although serious conditions with rather complicated pathophysiologies; we simpletons can make plenty of minor adjustments to our lives to help combat the symptoms which can range from Anxiety to restlessness; and its varying forms.

    As part of our Awareness Raising Campaign, we want people of all walks of life to make an effort, create a ripple, pass it forward, and help someone having a hard time out.

    A study in 2011 confirmed what some of us have believed in for many centuries; that our Olfactory Sense (Smell) can greatly affect our moods and that some Essential Oils have properties which can ease many Symptoms of some of the conditions we are here to discuss.

    So why not keep the environment your in and the smells around you positive; assist yourself or a friend with some Bergamot Oil. A great antidepressant because it’s very stimulating. Bergamot can create feelings of joy, freshness and energy by improving the circulation of your blood. Studies have shown it to significantly lower anxiety levels – sometimes more than pharmaceutical supplements which can manifest in increased symptoms – if used incorrectly, but when the correct use is so short – what can you use to help you? Bergamot Oil! Try Diffusing it with our unique Atomising Diffusers, or simply place a few drops on a cloth and gently breath its benefits and your anxieties away!

    Combined in this pack to include French Lavindin (Lavender) which has been known for Centuries as one of the most potent Relaxant, anti-anxiolytics.

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Winter Smiles Pack
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