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Shea Butter

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Shea Butter


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    Shea Butter is a supreme natural moisturiser with unbelievable healing properties, so it only makes sense that it has been used since the time of Cleopatra. In fact, Shea Butter was a commodity in Ancient Egypt because it helped protect the hair and skin against the desert’s hot dry winds and unrelenting sun. Shea butter has remained a staple in Africa for hundreds of years in cooking, hairdressing, candle-making, and more. Over the years it has grown in popularity around the world, and it is now a key ingredient in the most expensive French beauty products and soaps.

    Shea butter is actually ivory in colour. It’s extracted from the fat within the nuts of the African Shea tree. These trees are indigenous to Africa, and they can bear fruit from the age of 10 all the way up to 200. The plum-shaped fruit of the Shea tree contains a large, oil-rich nut which it crushed, roasted, ground, and kneaded in order to obtain pure Shea Butter.

    The properties of Shea Butter make it exceptionally valuable for a multitude of purposes. It is very rich in vitamins A and E, which are two of the most important skin care nutrients. The butter is also loaded with essential fatty acids that the skin thrives upon to stay healthy and radiant. Studies have shown that Shea Butter can reduce acne with it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

    The physical benefits of Shea Butter are nearly endless. It is a miracle tonic for the skin known to rejuvenate dull and ageing skin, restore elasticity, reduce scars and stretch marks, prevent irritation, and even alleviate joint and muscle pain. When blended with essential oils like Lavender, Geranium, Carrot Seed, and Frankincense, it offers unbeatable moisturisation, anti-inflammatory abilities, and overall healing capabilities. Use 4 tablespoons of Shea Butter with 5 drops of Geranium, 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Frankincense for a night time cream that will leave your skin feeling young and luxurious. Read More

    Wholesale Shea Butter in Australia

    Who doesn’t love shea butter? This rich and nourishing moisturiser doesn’t only have myriad mental and physical health benefits, it also smells good enough to eat. The team here at Australian Oils of Nature have made it our mission to connect you with only the very best natural, remedial, and ethically sourced products. All of our Australian made essential oils and other products, including our gorgeously creamy shea butter, are sourced with global stewardship and environmental responsibility in mind.

    What Is the History of Shea Butter?

    This natural moisturiser is believed to have been used by the icon of beauty and luxury herself, Pharaoh Cleopatra of ancient Egypt. She would reportedly use it to keep her skin and hair silky and smooth, protecting it from the ravages of the heat and the hot dry winds. Unsurprisingly, shea butter has been popularly used in African countries for thousands of years, in everything from beauty and healthcare, to hairdressing, to cooking, to candle-making.

    What Does Shea Butter Look, Feel, And Smell Like?

    Every part of Shea butter is a pleasant sensory experience. The texture is soft, yielding, and well… buttery! It warms beneath your fingers and melts into your skin. It is a soft, ivory colour, and has a rich, nutty, chocolatey scent that’s become synonymous with luxury and self-care.

    What Is Shea Butter Made from?

    Shea butter is made from the fat within the nuts of the African Shea tree. The fruit of the tree is plum-shaped, and contains a large nut, rich in oil, which is crushed, roasted, ground, and kneaded into the shea butter the world has come to know and love.

    What Are the Benefits of Shea Butter?

    Shea butter is excellent for feeding and maintain the skin, which thrives on its fatty oils. It minimises scars, stretch marks, acne, and inflammation. It can even alleviate pain in the joints and muscles.

    Did You Know You Can Bulk Buy Shea Butter Online in Australia?

    If you’re an expecting mother, or you know one, who’s hoping to keep her skin nourished and moisturised throughout pregnancy, and minimise the possibility of stretch marks or scarring, did you know that we’ve made it easier than ever before to bulk buy shea butter online? This way, you can order enough shea butter to last you nine months or more, and enjoy the luxurious, sweet-smelling, and skin-saving benefits of a daily application of shea butter, without ever having to leave your front door. Whether you’re buying as a treat for yourself, a friend, a relative, or a partner, you can order in comfort and convenience from your own home, at work, or on the go – all you need is an internet connection to browse our extensive online catalogue for our natural essential oils including grapeseed oil, vetiver oil, rose essential oil & more at reasonable prices. Whoever the recipient is, they’re sure to appreciate the indulgence and health benefits of our shea butter available wholesale in Australia and beyond.

    Reach out to Australian Oils of Nature today – we’re happy to set you on the path towards all-natural, ethical self-care.

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Shea Butter
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