Mandarin Essential Oil

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Mandarin Essential Oil

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    Mandarin oranges have been considered symbols of abundance and good fortune for hundreds of years, Mandarin essential oil was extracted as more people discovered its many valuable properties. They earned their name because the oranges were common gifts to the Mandarins of China, who used the dried fruit peel to support digestion and reduce phlegm. When a large number of Japanese immigrated to the United States in the 19th century, they established the tradition of giving mandarin oranges as gifts to celebrate the New Year. The mandarin orange tree is a small citrus tree native to China that grows small, oblate oranges. Though the tree is drought-tolerant, the mandarin orange itself is easily damaged by the cold, so the tree grows best in tropical and subtropical areas. Today, China, Spain, Brazil, and Japan are the top producers of mandarin oranges.

    Pure Mandarin essential oils offers a sweetly tangy aroma that is appealing in perfumery and food and beverage flavourings alike. As an antiseptic, antispasmodic, circulatory, digestive, tonic, and sedative, Mandarin oil is a valuable choice to support and resolve a number of health concerns. Mandarin essential oil is extracted by cold compression of the fresh peels of the fruit.

    Emotionally, Mandarin essential oil promotes calmness and positivity. In fact, it is so mild yet effective that it is a great oil to use on children. The sweet yet citrusy aroma helps to reduce the negative impacts of daily stress by supporting feelings of contentment and wellbeing. Place in a diffuser with Lavender and Bergamot for a blissfully relaxing, encouraging aromatherapy blend.

    Physically, Mandarin can protect wounds from bacteria, fungal, and viral infections while also alleviating respiratory spasms like congestion and heavy coughs. This oil can even promote growth of new cells and tissues, which makes it an excellent addition to a nighttime renewing skin serum. Mandarin oil is also known for its ability to facilitate digestion while protecting the stomach from ulcers and infections. Two drops each of Mandarin, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile oil mixed with 15 mL of a carrier oil makes a create stomach massage blend.

    As a citrus oil, Mandarin essential oil blends well with many other oils including Clary Sage, Vetiver, Sandalwood, floral oils, spice oils, and other citrus oils.

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Mandarin Essential Oil
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