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Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood Essential Oil


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    Cedarwood Essential Oil is hardly a newly discovered trend, it dates back to ancient times and is referenced in the Bible more than 40 times as a symbol of fertility and abundance. As the matter of fact, Cedarwood essential oil is believed to be one of the very first oils to be extracted and utilised by ancient civilisations.

    There are many species of cedar, but the Cedarwood Virginian in particular is native to eastern North America, from southeastern Canada down to the coast of Mexico. This dense, slow-growing evergreen tree ranges in size, with reddish-brown bark that peels off in narrow strips. These pieces of wood undergo steam distillation so that the essential oil can be extracted.

    Cedarwood essential oil boasts a number of properties. Not only is it known as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and tonic, but it’s also a proven astringent and sedative.

    Emotionally, Cedarwood’s high levels of sesquiterpenes lead it to stimulate the limbic system of the brain, which elevates mood and controls relaxation and stress control. It’s for this reason that Cedarwood is well known as a calming and relaxing oil that can achieve a peaceful night’s sleep and combat depression. For ultimate clarity, blend 3 drops of Cedarwood with 5 drops of Sweet Orange.

    Physically, there’s not much Cedarwood can’t do. Its antiseptic properties make it a great choice for wounds since it can defend the body against toxins while supporting the healing process. Studies are currently underway to prove that Cedarwood oil’s anti-inflammatory tendencies can ease arthritis pain when inhaled or applied topically.

    This versatile essential oil is also known to effectively treat eczema, acne, and dry scalp. It can be blended with Lavender and Coconut Oil for a soothing healing balm. Above all, respiratory problems like congestion and phlegm don’t stand a chance when Cedarwood oil is diffused in the air or added to a bath.

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    Buy Cedarwood Essential Oil in Australia

    Any time you deeply breathe in the scent of a flower, you are enjoying the aromatic effect of essential oils. Here at Australian Oils of Nature, we work with local plantations and farms around the world to bring you natural and pure oils that have been founded on the principles of holistic health. You can rest assured that our oils are of the finest quality, made just the way nature intended – no preservatives, additives, or fillers.

    The Best Way to Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

    Below are the main methods of using cedarwood essential oil:

    • Aromatherapy: disperse cedarwood essential oil through the air for your enjoyment. Breathing in the aroma with benefit your body and mind, while it will also eliminate unwanted odours and airborne pathogens.
    • Topical: the structure of cedarwood essential oil allows it to absorb through the skin into the bloodstream for internal benefits throughout the body. Just be sure to use carrier oil and test it on a small and hidden part of your skin first.

    Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

    Cedarwood oil is dated back to ancient times, and it is even referenced multiple times throughout the Bible as a sign of fertility and abundance. It is believed cedarwood was one of the first essential oils to be extracted from the tree’s bark and used. Cedarwood boasts several properties – these include:

    • Antiseptic
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Sedative
    • Astringent
    • Elevates mood
    • Controls stress and relaxation
    • Combats depression
    • Improves sleep
    • Treats eczema, acne, and dry scalp

    Our cedarwood oil can be combined with some of our other oils to enhance their effects. For example, blend it with our lavender essential oil and coconut oil and you’ll have a soothing balm for topical use. Or mix it with sweet orange for a blend that will increase your mind’s clarity.

    Why Choose Australian Oils of Nature To Buy Cedarwood Essential Oil?

    • We only offer 100% pure essential oils
    • We have been in business for nearly a decade and we are passionate about natural health and holistic remedies
    • Free shipping on all orders over $100
    • Next day shipping
    • We have the ability to supply small orders and large wholesale orders too
    • We work with farmers and plantations from around the world to bring our customers the purest essential oils
    • All ingredients in our oils are sustainably sourced

    Order Cedarwood Essential Oil Online

    We are eager to share our passion for cedarwood essential oil with you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. You can find a lot of information about all our oils including sandalwood oil, clary sage oil, neroli oil & more on our website and be sure to drop us an e-mail if you need any additional help. You can also find us on social media for all the latest news and updates.

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