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Here at Australian Oils of Nature, we thrive on our passion for natural health and holistic remedies. We love that we get to partner with local plantations and farmers from all corners of the globe to bring our customers pure oils founded on the basis of global stewardship and holistic health. If you are looking for essential oils for a specific purpose, we can provide quantities for personal use or wholesale volumes if needed.

Benefits of Blue Lotus Essential Oil

Our Blue Lotus Oil is best used aromatically or topically to achieve the best therapeutic effects. For example, by using in massage sessions, you will promote this oil’s carminative and sedative influences to help relax the body. Blue Lotus Oil also supports a strong spiritual connection through which you can find an elevated level of consciousness, which is a benefit for those who meditate. If you are looking for blue lotus in Australia for its physical benefits, you will find it can improve your circulation and, in turn, enhance your libido. Read More

Other benefits include;

  • Squalene is the main chemical component in Blue Lotus. It is also a natural substance that’s produced by the sebaceous glands, so it plays a key role in your body’s ability to your skin moisturised and looking supple. Add Blue Lotus Essential Oil to your skincare routine and you cam enjoy feelings of soft, moisturised skin.
  • Benzyl alcohol is another major ingredient found in Blue Lotus. It is effective in supporting a clean, healthy scalp when applied topically.

Blue Lotus is unique because the extraction process of the oil is different from some of our other oils, but our company ensures we get the purest oil for your use. It is extracted as an ‘absolute’ form through a solvent extraction process not using heat or water to capture more of the flower’s true aroma.

Why Choose Australian Oils of Nature For Your Blue Lotus Oil?

We choose to only use natural ingredients in our oils. Unlike other companies, we avoid using any harsh chemicals to achieve the most effective results, so oil that you buy from us will be 100% natural. We source all ingredients from their native country to produce authentic oils. We have up to 10 years experience working with essential oils in Australia, especially tea tree oils, avocado oil, clary sage oil, rose oil so you can rest assured we are experienced in bringing our customers the best products and the best service.

Enjoy the Natural Side of Life With Our Blue Lotus Oil

Reach your peak meditation state with our Australian Blue Lotus Oil. Our products while help you get those desired effects without having to go down the route of pharmaceutical use. Combined with some of our other sensual oils like Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, you could see our Blue Lotus Oil reach the height of its euphoria.

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