The Incredible Story of Tea Tree – Oil of the Month

05 Jul 2021
The Bundjalung nation has a legend of the beautiful Princess Eelamani who had to travel through the bushland of coastal New South Wales. The journey..

Benefits and Uses of Rose Essential Oil

22 Dec 2016
  The heavenly aroma of rose essential oil is soft and hypnotic, and deeply intoxicating. The benefits and uses of Rose Essential Oil are endless,..

Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Essential Oils

08 Dec 2016
Essential oils can create the perfect mood for whatever occasion you have in mind. Used on their own or blended together, you can enhance your..

DIY Holiday Gifts

08 Dec 2016
I t’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is almost upon us once again!  If you’re ready to save money this year rather than..

Sandalwood – Benefits, Uses and Interesting Facts

01 Dec 2016
  The spicy, woody, warm, sweet aroma of Sandalwood makes it a very important ingredient in oriental perfumes. Almost 90% of East Indian Sandalwood is..

How to make a Natural Deodorising Mist Spray with EO’s

18 Nov 2016
Essential oils are the perfect way to naturally deodorise your home without having to worry about the toxic chemical fragrances, that line the aisles of..

Hydrating and Healing Powers of Aloe Vera

17 Nov 2016
The Aloe plant is a typical example of why you should never judge something based on the external appearance alone. Part of the cactus family,..

5 Essential Oils to Use as Natural Insect Repellents

07 Nov 2016
Naturally occurring essential oils are derived from plants. Given the fact that plants are sedentary and unable to run from predators, many developed essential oils..

Wake Up Feeling Uplifted

01 Nov 2016
There’s nothing worse than jumping out of bed in the morning with 15 minutes to spare before you have to rush out the door. You..

The Top 3 Reasons To Use Rosehip Oil

25 Oct 2016
If you’re searching for a magic ingredient to keep your skin smooth, youthful, and free from blemishes, you’ve come to the right place. Rosehip oil..