When you think about aloe vera, you probably conjure images of red, sunburnt skin that desperately needs the hydrating chill that aloe vera gel offers. But did you know that aloe vera is useful for so much more than unfortunate sunburn? The truth is, using aloe vera concentrate topically and as a supplement can alleviate or entirely cure many of the health problems you deal with on a daily basis.

What is Aloe Vera Concentrate?

Aloe vera is actually just one of 400 species of aloe. Though it can grow anywhere indoors, Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Southeast Asia, and the Southwest U.S boast the largest aloe vera crops. The aloe vera concentrate itself is obtained from aloe leaves, which are gently hand-filleted to remove the rind and express the inner gel. Everything is filtered and concentrated using low temperatures, the impurities are removed, and the final product is the pale brown liquid concentrate.

With over 200 active compounds including essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, aloe vera is a true superfood that can help to ensure and maintain optimal health. From vitamins A, B, C, and E to vital minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and copper, aloe vera concentrate offers a host of health benefits when used in supplement form or topically.

Soothe Your Digestive System

An unfriendly digestive system can really interfere with your life, making you feel sluggish, uncomfortable, and self-conscious. Aloe vera concentrate can actually significantly improve digestive irregularity by clearing out all of the nasty toxins that cause you so many problems. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera also help to calm down irritation and heal ulcers.

Better yet, aloe vera is believed to increase the healthy bacteria needed in the intestines, just like a probiotic. All you need to do is add aloe vera concentrate to a daily smoothie or just take it straight from a spoon. You won’t regret it!


Boost Your Immunity

In addition to helping keep your digestive system on track, aloe vera concentrate can also strengthen your body’s immune system since it is an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. By using aloe vera as a supplement, you will feed your body the polysaccharides it needs every day to fight off toxins and dangerous pathogens. The end result is a stronger immune system that can more efficiently prevent allergies, standard illness, and even rheumatoid arthritis!


Strengthen Your Heart

Though it isn’t well known for this benefit, aloe vera is actually most powerful for promoting healthy heart function. Forget about the statins your doctor placed you on; aloe vera concentrate actually contains beta-Sitosterol that lowers cholesterol. Aloe can also reduce overall fat levels in people with high cholesterol, which minimizes the strain of fatty deposits and blood clots in the arteries.

Aloe is also powerful for heart health since it detoxifies and cleanses the blood of impurities. The cleaner your blood remains, the more efficiently healthy new blood cells can grow and expand blood vessels.


Hydrate Your Skin

And finally, the benefit you’ve been waiting for, aloe vera is like a miracle for your skin. It has been used for centuries to treat burns and wounds, but aloe vera is also valuable for battling premature aging by hydrating the skin. It can even reduce redness from acne and itchiness from insect bites. Aloe vera has become very popular for promoting faster healing after radiation treatment, too. Whatever your skincare purpose, chances are aloe vera can help.

Whether you are using aloe vera topically or internally, just be sure to take caution, as you would with any new addition to your daily routine. If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar to ensure that aloe vera doesn’t impact your balance, and don’t use aloe internally during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.