Even people not totally within the essential oil realm can probably name a few key essential oils, like Lavender and Tea Tree. But other oils are known only to essential oil professionals and connoisseurs who love uncovering the secret benefits of underrated oils. Clove essential oil, for example, is an incredibly valuable oil that can significantly improve your health and wellbeing if you know how to use it! Luckily, we are here to share all of Clove oil’s secrets.

About Clove Oil

Clove isn’t exactly a mystery substance; you may know it best as a versatile spice used in sweet and savoury meals alike, like gingerbread and pumpkin pie. It is actually the unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen tree, indigenous to Indonesia and Madagascar. Clove can grow all year long, making it more accessible than other ancient spices. As delicious as clove is in culinary applications, its true value is revealed when used in essential oil form.

Clove Oil for Oral Health

We have been raised to believe that the toothpaste and mouthwash found in the personal care aisles of the grocery store are the best tools available for achieving strong oral health, but essential oils can serve many of the same purposes!

You may be familiar with the controversy that surrounds fluoride. It’s added to most public water systems and also included in all standard toothpaste formulas, but research continues to indicate that the risks of fluoride may outweigh the benefits. Scientists are currently investigating the role of fluoride in causing chronic health problems like thyroid disease, diabetes, dementia, and bone disorders. Well, according to the Indian Department of Public Health Dentistry, Clove essential oil can work even more efficiently that fluoride to slow tooth decalcification, while even remineralizing the teeth to improve their health. That positivity is a far cry from the fluoride controversy that has many people switching to all natural fluoride-free toothpaste recently.

Clove is also an incredible remedy for painful toothaches and oral inflammation. If you’ve ever had an intense toothache, it was probably because bacteria had eaten into the deep layers of your tooth and reached the pulp containing nerves. Clove can alleviate the pain from such toothaches by essentially acting as a numbing agent. You can add one drop into a glass of water and swish, or blend with coconut oil on a cotton ball and rub onto the tooth causing you pain.

Finally, Clove oil is also an anti-inflammatory, so it is the perfect choice to fight inflammation of the gums that results from bacterial infections. Gargling with Clove oil in warm salt water will improve dental hygiene and relieve painful inflammation. Get to it!

The Antioxidant Value of Cloves

Believe it or not, ground cloves boast 30 times more antioxidants than blueberries. This is an astonishing figure that emphasizes just how powerful Clove essential can be in fighting the free radicals that cause cancer and disease in the body. Antioxidants are responsible for slowing the body’s aging and degeneration process by protecting the body against dangerous bacteria and viruses. This means that can consider Clove oil a “protective” herb. It is particularly useful in a blend like “Thieves” that can be diffused in the air and blended in homemade cleaners to purify your environment.

Fight Candida with Cloves

Do you ever feel “off” or bogged down by exhaustion, cravings for sweets, and brain fog? You could be struggling with candida, a common type of yeast infection found in the mouth, intestinal tract, and female reproductive system. A healthy immune system can battle candida away, but a weak immune system will allow the candida to spread to the blood and membranes around the heart or brain. Candida is actually naturally occurring in the body and healthy in controlled amounts, but a diet high in sugar and acid, or extensive use of antibiotics, will cause the candida to grow out of control and generate unpleasant symptoms.

Clove oil can be used very powerfully to battle candida. In fact, the Oral Microbiology & Immunology journal tested Clove compared to other antifungal treatments, and Clove proved itself to be just as effective as the drugs commonly prescribed to manage yeast. Most importantly, it provided dramatic benefits without causing any of the terrible side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are diffusing Clove oil in your bedroom or rubbing it diluted onto a painful tooth to seek relief, you will enjoy the incredible benefits that this essential oils has to offer!